BC here. I’d really like to hear your questions about computers. Or your suggestions for this site, your tips to help other learners, or whatever is on your mind.

Here’s my request:

Please leave your comments right on Bit Cafe pages!

As computer learners and helpers, the important thing is that we share information. That’s what this site is all about. So when you read a page and want to ask a question or make a comment, I’d like you to  use the “Reply” form at the bottom of that page. That way everyone will see your input, and see my response. Readers will also be able to leave their own helpful replies to your input.

However, if your comment doesn’t seem to fit a specific page on Bit Cafe, or if you’re having trouble using that “Reply” form, feel free to send me a message directly:

Contact me directly

Instead of a comment on a page, you can send me a message directly if that makes more sense. Use the form below. Be sure to leave a name and a working email address, as that’ll be my means of responding.

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