Bit Cafe is throwing open its doors. Very unfinished doors. But open now.

Bit Cafe is a web site for tech learners: people who are learning to get along with their computers, smartphones, and other devices, but who often feel “not there yet”, uneasy about tech stuff and unsure about how to solve problems.

It’s also a site for helpers: people with a little (or a lot) more technical confidence, but who don’t always have the time to answer the questions of the learners around them. If something here can help the learners in your life, send ’em on over!

I hope to answer a lot of learners’ questions in easily understood ways, to make both the learners and the helpers happier.¬†Questions and comments by all are welcome.

This is just a start, with an initial focus on Apple’s Mac computers (a device of choice among the learners around me). I’ll be happily expanding the scope to cover more devices and more topics. If there’s something you’d like to see sooner rather than later, leave a comment!

In the meantime, if you’d like to read a bit more about why this site exists, check out the Welcome page and then the A little more about Bit Cafe page. Or just dive into the learnin’ stuff, starting with the Let’s Learn menu at the top of the page.


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