Here’s a growing library of article series and individual articles to help you get along with your computer.

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Bit Cafe Technology Dictionary

A growing dictionary of computer-related terms, explained so anyone can understand. (Yell at me if that’s not the case!)

How to Do Anything With Your Computer

A key feature on this site: A series of short articles to “reset” some common thinking that holds people back from getting comfortable with computers.

What’s an “operating system” (or “OS”)?

As the owner of a computer, smartphone, or other computerized device, you’re going to keep hearing about its “operating system”. Understanding what that means is simple enough, and very helpful.

So, what exactly are applications, again?

As above: You can’t avoid hearing again and again about applications (or apps, or programs, or software). Knowing about these is a big help!

Learn More

More miscellaneous articles that you may find helpful.

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