Here’s an interesting post from the Lifehacker website: The Skills We’ve Lost to Technology (and How to Get Them Back).

People argue that before technology ruled our lives, we were happier, smarter, and better at general living. That utopian vision of the past is a bit too rose tinted, but the point remains that we’ve lost some basic human skills over the years. Relearning them makes us a little less dependent on technology, flexes our brain muscles, and gives us an opportunity to interact with the world.

What sort of skills are we talking here? The article suggests navigation (just getting around without maps on our devices), memorizing phone numbers, basic mental math, and talking with strangers. Comments from readers also toss in handwriting and spelling.

Now, if you’re a Bit Cafe reader thinking you don’t understand your computer well enough, I’ll bet you’re not a person ruled by technology, nor are you hoping to become one. You’re probably maintaining your real-world skills just fine. But what do you think? Are people losing important skills because technology makes things easier? Do you feel you’re losing any skills to reliance on our clever little devices?

(Click to read: The Skills We’ve Lost to Technology (and How to Get Them Back))


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