The “three steps” below are going to sound pretty obvious to many, but that’s okay – put them firmly in your head, and you’ll find computer tasks much easier. (And if they seem obvious to you, that’s good – because it’s another sign that computer stuff just isn’t as hard as people imagine!)

1. Know what you want to do

There’s only so much I can say here; only you can know what you want to do! But if you’re actually not too clear on what you’re trying to accomplish, that’s fine. A short review of what you can do might help out.

2. Know what tools (called applications) you need for the job

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fixing a drainpipe, planting a garden, or creating a club newsletter on the computer. If you take stock of what tools you’ve got, and note which of those you’ll need, you’re off to a smooth start.

3. Know how to use the applications you need

Easy enough to say, sure… This is where the nitty-gritty happens, and there’s plenty to learn for each and every application you’ll use. But don’t worry; a little at a time does the trick, and you’ll find that much of what you learn for one application will apply to other applications too.

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