Got questions? Ask, ask, ask!

Don’t have any questions? Come on, give it a little thought; everyone has questions.

As you do things on your computer, don’t take anything for granted as “that’s just how it’s done” or “this is how I was told to do it”. Ask why things are done that way. Ask whether there’s an easier way to do something that seems tricky. Ask how to get rid of some long-standing annoyance.

My favorite questions – to ask and to answer – are the simple (or simple-sounding) ones. What’s this “single click” and “double click” business – what’s the difference? Why must there be different, troublesome “file formats”? What exactly is a “file” anyway? Or a “folder”? The “desktop”?

Take any questions like those, or more complex ones, and ask people. Ask experienced computer users, ask not-so-experienced friends, ask people in forums online. If you’re looking for a good place to start with questions in general, try this site. It’s a friendly place and is open to any question at all.

Just keep asking questions. When you ask, you learn. It’s as simple as that.

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