One Big Commandment:

Have fun!

Here’s a really quick summary of the things we’ve talked about so far:

If you’ve been thinking that computers are too hard, you can stop. The big secret to computers: it’s pretty easy to learn to use computers and their applications (in fact, you can really go far just by being willing to poke around).

Stop thinking that it’s all about “technical stuff” or “computer stuff”. Computer stuff is people stuff!

Ask questions! Any and all questions. If you’ve got “I’m too embarrased to ask such basic stuff” questions, find a friendly listener and fire away.

Stop blaming yourself for confusion! Your computer and applications may not be as difficult as you thought, although sometimes the way they work doesn’t seem to make sense. That’s not your fault! Sometimes they don’t make much sense, cobbled together from different ideas (some good, some not) by different people (some clear-thinking, some not) at different times (some recent, some not), for customers who all want different things. Embrace that futzy strangeness, and you’ll feel more at ease.

Learn as you go. The number of things you can do with one computer, once you know how, is just nuts. Learn a bit, dive into new hobbies and new communications and all the world’s information at your fingertips, and you can’t not have some fun with your computer.

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